Lemon, With An Aftertaste Of Success.


Hey guys! As you can see above, I did it. I made a lemon bar that does not poison any of the eating participants. (Read this post to learn of my past lemon bar failure)And even better than that, the lemon bar tastes delicious. I know now that I was doing the past recipe incredibly wrong. This lemon bar recipe was extremely easy. For one thing, it involved only three eggs. Even better than that, this recipe asked for you to bake it for 40 minuets!

For this lemon bar I followed Maria of A Home Made Living‘s recipe. It was amazing and gave you the perfect amount of instructions. What I really liked about her recipe (other than the fact that it makes fabulous lemon bars) was that she used simple words and didn’t overwhelm you with all of this useless information. I will definitely be using more of her recipes in the future!

If you want to make this lemon bar (which I suggest) I have a few tips. These might be obvious but I feel like they help. One of the ingredients Maria asked for was 1/2 cup of lemon juice. For this I used two lemons. To make the most of your lemons push them really hard (they shouldn’t break) and roll them on the counter top. This makes them more juice-y. And zest your lemon before you juice it. I found that this is less painful because when your trying to zest the two different halves of the lemon its easier for lemon juice to find the invisible cuts on your fingers. Also, don’t forget to put the baked crust in the fridge before you start to make the filling. The crust shouldn’t be hot when you pour the filling into it.

Happy baking! Enjoy your lemon bars!


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