Artsy Introduction


Hello everyone! Before I move onto the real post I just want to tell you what happened yesterday. Well really this morning. I was in the emergency room. Which sounds scary, but the reason I was in there isn’t. I was doing an art project for school (which I will be sharing tomorrow…) and it involves hot water. I ended up spilling some on my hand. When the burn cream and cold water wasn’t helping the pain, I was taken to the hospital at 12 in the morning. Guess I can cross that off my bucket list… Although, I didn’t know it was on there. So here I am now, typing with three of my fingers wrapped in gauze…

Now for the real post. I am starting a new project! Once a month I am going to be sharing an artist from a different digital media platform. Today I am going to start off with the easiest, Tumblr.


Above is the works of Noelle, artist of the Tumblr blog, How Are You I Am Fine Thanks, and website, Gingerhaze, and webcomic, Nimona, and co-writer for a different comic series, LUMBERJANES, her art has appeared in other places such as DC, Marvel and a cartoon called WANDER OVER YONDER. (Yes, that is a disney cartoon!) She is also on Twitter.

A little bit of history on Noelle is that she graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art. In 2012 she won an award called the Slate Cartoonist Studio Prize for Best Webcomic. She has worked with many different publishers such as BOOM! Studios and Random House.

A little bit of future for Noelle, her webcomic Nimona is going to be available this May! This is her first comic. Here is a description of what it is about:

“Lord Ballister Blackheart has a point to make, and his point is that the good guys aren’t as good as they seem. He makes a comfortable living as a super villain, but never really seems to accomplish much – until he takes on a new sidekick, Nimona, a shapeshifter with her own ideas of how things should be done. Unfortunately, most of those ideas involve blowing things up. Now Ballister must teach his young protégé some restraint and try to keep her from destroying everything, while simultaneously attempting to expose the dark dealings of those who claim to be the protectors of the kingdom – including his former best friend turned nemesis, Ambrosius Goldenloin.”

Sounds amazing, right? I, for one, can not wait to read it! I am also really interested in reading LumberJanes. I love Noelle’s art and am constantly going through her Tumblr. I am glad that I wrote this post because I didn’t know much about her at all. Now I have even more ways to find her art! I hope you guys liked this post, have a great day. Oh, and leave a comment about how you like Noelle’s art or if you have ever been seriously burned. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Artsy Introduction

  1. I found Noelle because my friend recommended Nimona to me, and I’m so glad I read it! 🙂 I have yet to read any of her other published stuff, but I like scrolling through her tumblr.

    1. I thought Nimona doesn’t come out until May? But I know she posts a lot of information from Nimona, it sounds amazing! I love going through her tumblr as well. I was so surprised to hear that she drew the cover of Fangirl. 😀

      1. The physical book doesn’t come out until May but she’s been releasing it in instalments for the past two years as an online webcomic. I think there’s a link to the website where you can read it on her tumblr!

        Yeah, I was very excited to hear she’d drawn that cover as well! 😄 I didn’t realise until after I’d read the book.

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