Join me on Anyways


Hey everyone, it has been awhile. You guys have been with me through so much. I grew up on this blog, grew into a writer and a photographer. Going through my old posts, I could not be prouder of myself and my progress.  This blog changed me for the better. And now I am growing in a new direction. Anyways is my new blog about my hometown. Or, home island, really.

I have mentioned in multiple posts of my unhappiness with where I live. I suppose it will be surprising to learn that I live in paradise: O’ahu, Hawaii. I often feel trapped here, as we are surrounded on all sides by water. We are either going to be the only survivors or the first to go when the zombie apocalypse starts. The latter is most likely…  I have, however, learned to treat this island as a blessing, somewhere I can learn from.


My new blog is about O’ahu’s creative revival from being just a vacation hotspot to a modern hub of artists, chefs, innovators, entrepreneurs and adventurers. We are more than just a couple of beautiful beaches, we are art shows and food truck celebrations. We are local coffee shops and friendly crafters. We are more than anyone knows and I am going to prove this on Anyways. Using photographs and stories, I will document this new wave of islander’s progress in turning our beautiful island into a center of innovation.


I hope you join me on Anways, I would love to hear from everyone again! 😀


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