Welcome To This Odd Land

Perhaps you are a wander. Maybe you went right then left or east and then north. Somehow you got here. Here, being this Odd Land. It’s a nice land, it’s only occupant is me, Taylor. My tittles include mayor, coffee shop owner, book store owner and so on. This, what you are reading, would be the welcome sign you pass as you drive into my land. It is an odd sign, it seems to be missing something. Oh, Welcome! The letters look new, not even a year old. It’s colors could be a sky blue or maybe peach. Hopefully, you think this land looks interesting. You drive on. And here I am, looking at Pinterest pictures and reading books. Hi, I would say. We would shake hands and I’d take you to the only coffee shop in this land, making our drinks myself. We would talk. You might even decide that you like this land. Its possible that you come to this land everyday, hopefully I am here with a new conversation everyday. Some people could call these conversations, posts and comments, this land a blog. I, however, like to think of this as a odd land in aΒ mystifying world. People would correct me when I say ‘world’, saying that this is the internet or the blogosphere. But I wouldn’t listen to them, this is my escape from people like them.

Ok, I agree. This is a very weird About/Welcome page. If you do decide to come back, you will learn that I am weird.

Now, you get to know more about this blog.Β I try to make this land a happy and positive place. An escape from the sometimes depressing world. I like posting pictures, lists and rambles.

If you would like to make a suggestion or just say hello my email is Smilez30000@hotmail.com . I would love to get an email from anyone! πŸ™‚

Goodbye for now and thank you for reading this! πŸ™‚




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