January Favorites!


Hey guys! Hope you had a good week. Today I want to try something new, a monthly favorite. I know that many bloggers do these and I decided that I wanted to try! I split my favorites into six different sections.

QUOTES: I picked the quote above because in the end we chose how hard we tried. How much life we loved and knew, how much happiness a certain situation made us feel. We chose how we see the world around us, whether we see the good in it or not. So it depends on how we want to remember a situation.

BOOKS: I have been reading Broken Stars for some time now and I am still not sure how much I like it. The idea behind the story is good, I like the idea of being stranded on an some planet and having to decide what to do. But the characters seem a little cliche. There is a rich, arrogant although strong female and then theres a poor, stubborn and tough boy. What else can they do but fall in love? The writing is also really good although there are a few times where I wonder what the author was thinking. Anyways, I hope that I can start to enjoy this book more!

WEBSITES: MaryDoodles.com is a beautifully artistic website from the artist Mary. She also has a plethora of amazing videos on Youtube as well. I love her watercolor tutorials. Honestly, I love all of her videos. They inspire me to grab my watercolors, a paintbrush, paper and some water. I am still amazed at what you can do with the simplest of supplies!

POSTS: This recipe for healthy cookie dough looks absolutely divine! Who doesn’t love the taste of cookie dough? Now you can eat this ‘dough’ with no fear of egg poisoning! I can’t wait to give it a try. 😀

MOVIES: I watched In Your Eyes for the first time this month. While this movie was silly, unrealistic and had questionable motives, I enjoyed it. I felt like the actors really fit their role and made the characters come to life. And the concept was unusual. In a good way. These two people find out that they have a telepathic relationship, instead of trying to figure out why (which I would love to learn…) they become best friends… And a little more! The main actress, Zoe Kazan, has been a favorite of mine since her amazing performance in The Pretty One. I also highly recommend watching that! Just a warning, both movies are extremely unusual and while the ending is usually pretty obvious in both, the journey takes unexpected twists.

MUSIC: I recently discovered this band called Magic Men. I think that they are awesome! Their songs are really upbeat and make you want to dance. My favorite songs are Paris (this is probably one of my most favorite songs, I could listen it on repeat for an hour!!), Texas and Nova Scotia. The music videos for Paris and Texas are amazing. If you can figure out what Texas is about please comment! I’ve been trying to figure it out for awhile…

I hope that you guys like everything! If you have any suggestions, especially for books, please comment! Have a great day. 🙂


One thought on “January Favorites!

  1. I love the idea of monthly favorites T – and this one was interesting – especially the maya quote. 🙂 I am going to check out the band you mentioned – I might not like them – but hey, you never know…

    have a nice weekend and here’s to a new month!

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