Greatest Discovery Ever: Overnight Oats


Hey guys! Have you ever heard of overnight oats? They seem to be more popular lately. I can see why, now.

Basically, overnight oats are cold oatmeal that is left to ‘bake’ in a fridge overnight. The only two rules to remember is to add the same amount of oats and milk (suggested amount: 1/2 cup of each) and to have fun! There is no limit to the ingredients you can add to overnight oats. Some recipes are extremely fancy and delicious. Such as this recipe for cacao and vanilla rice protein powder oats or this one for bananas foster oats. But they don’t need to be extravagant. They just have to be delicious.

Here are some more mouthwatering recipes:

15 different delicious recipes  (The picture above!)

Almond Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Banana Blueberry Oats

Cinnamon Roll Oats

Raspberry Jam Oats

Have fun cooking!

P.S. Many of these recipes are made in jars. And although it looks better that way, you can make your oatmeal in a bowl with plastic wrap over it. 😀


2 thoughts on “Greatest Discovery Ever: Overnight Oats

  1. I’ve never had overnight oats, I’ve had overnight muesli, which is really nice. Thanks for sharing a few recipes, I’m going to check these out and try some of them when the weather has warmed up – I can’t stand cold breakfast when it’s cold outside.

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